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Lienna II: SummaryEdit

       Lienna II is the daughter of Queen Lienna I and King Eris of Leshorea. She is the first Leshorean Queen to have royal Leshorean parents (her parents were the first king and queen of Leshorea). When Lienna was only an infant, Verouxious attack Castle Leshorea and destroyed the South Tower. Her parents died trying to save her. Lienna was then left to be cared for by the Royal Family's house-maid, Impli. Ninjah (who was the spy and bodygaurd for the Royal Family) also kept a secret eye on her. Since the king and queen could no longer rule Leshorea, a new king and queen were elected. The new rulers were King Fernn and Queen Liliy. However, Lienna was still the Leshorean Princess, so she stayed in Castle Leshorea, regardless of no relation to the new royal family. Fernn and Liliy's son, Skhot (who was one year older than Lienna II), would join her in marrige later when they were seventeen and eighteen. Lienna grew up as a kind and gentle girl. The day before her and Skhot's wedding, though, they entered the Forbidden Wing (the remains of the South Tower) out of destiny. There, they were locked in by Verouxious' army and the Forbidden Wing was set to flames. Fernn and his soldiers attempted rescue, but the wing was about to collapse. Lienna and Skhote escaped by using a portal, summoned by Lee (a spy in Verouxious' army, pretending to be on Verouxious' side), in hopes that Lienna would not die. The portal took the two to various kingdoms on Earth that they had never heard of. Most of these worlds were the homes of Verouxious' allies, and each attempted to murder the pair. Only when Lienna and Skhot reached the Island of Shorea were they able to go back to Leshorea. Years after their return, they produced twins, Lienna III and Skhot Jr. Skhot Jr. died from illness at the age of two. By then, Skhot and Lienna were the King and Queen of Leshorea. King Skhot was killed at war with Verouxian forces, and Lienna II died of the same sickness her son died of a year later.

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