Blond princess by flonnethefallenangel-d35f7ov
Lienna I: Summary==
       Lienna Laine was born to Magnolia and John Laine. She was is the sister of Alicia Laine, more commonly known as Lia. Lia passed down the power of the Sword of Destiny, Bow of Destiny, and Wings of Destiny to Lienna. Since Lienna was not aware that she ever posessed these powers, she was the last person to ever posess their full powers, but her descendants have used them if they were needed to fulfill their destinies. Although Lienna wasn't aware of her powers, she used them unknowingly at times. Lienna set off at the age of fourteen to discover new lands. Since she was the first to re-discover the Kingdoms of Shorea and Leshorea, she (along with other humans assuming the position of citizens) was taken to Leshorea to be the first Leshorean Queen. A time spell was then placed to stop time in the kingdom until a man destined for the position of the first Leshorean King (Eris) arrived. She and the others waited there for possibly hundreds of years for Eris to arrive in Leshorea. When he did, the time spell was broken and Lienna joined in marrige with Eris. They produced a child (many years later), Lienna II. However, Lienna II was only an infant when Verouxious attacked Leshorea, killing both of her parents. Lienna I is one of the few to ever produce a Veroxion Spirit that actually found its way to Earth. Lienna I's Veroxion Spirit is Lunaia.

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