An Early Leshorea

         Leshorea: Summary==
       Leshorea is a kingdom in the sky, built by the Angels. It was the only place built by the Angels to remain in the sky after Zenox's attacks (rather than being destroyed or falling to Earth) until it was sunk by Frienz, Lienna IIII, and Twilia. It is located directly above the Island of Shorea. The Ancient Leshoreans were Angels, and later people brought to the kingdom from Earth, including Lienna I. Its first rulers were Lienna I and Eris. When they were killed by Verouxious' forces, the South Tower collapsed. It was known then as the Forbidden Wing until it was rebuilt during the time of Lienna III and King Jaek. Also during the time of Lienna III and King Jaek, a city was built near Castle Leshorea named Leopolis. Leopolis translates to city in the clouds (CloudCity), and Leshorea itself translates to kingdom on the shores of clouds (CloudShoreKingdom).

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